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Please read through the following guidelines before you start the course

Hi students, this is Mr Gan, I’m going to explain a bit about our course structure. 

Before you begin your lessons, please note that each unit comes with lesson notes. Please download them before you start your courses. 

There are five main parts to our curriculum, 

  • Conceptual Bridging
  • Worked Examples
  • Practice Now
  • Exercise
  • Essential Steps

Let’s go through the function of each part briefly

  • Conceptual Bridging is where we would explain how some important concepts are being deduced or derived. We will strongly encourage you not to skip it in order to understand certain core concepts. 
  • Worked Examples are questions which we will slowly unpack and apply what we learn. Usually, we will guide students through and assume that students have zero understanding. 
  • Practice Now are questions that are similar to Worked examples and it provides an avenue for students to try to practice and apply the concepts. 
  • Exercises are extra practice questions to further sharpen and test students’ understanding. Some questions here are of HOT (Higher-ORder-Thinking) questions. 
  • Essential Steps consist of tips and tricks or guides to help you to tackle a question. A framework for you to follow on how to start a question. 

Topics included in this course*:

  • Quadratic Equations and Functions
  • Linear Inequalities
  • Indices
  • Standard Form and Compound Interest (coming Jan 2021)
  • Coordinate Geometry (coming Jan 2021)
  • Functions and Graphs (coming Jan 2021)
  • Trigonometry (coming Feb 2021)
  • Applications of Trigonometry (coming Feb 2021)
  • Congruency and Similarity (coming Feb 2021)
  • Arc Length and Area of Sector (coming Mar 2021)
  • Properties of Circle (coming Mar 2021)

*Topics listed are subjected to changes through regular reviews of our content so as to deliver the best learning outcome for students.

Last but not least, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comment section and in the community. I will see you then!